Supplementary genealogy to Michael Saunders’ family line as an addition to Margaret Paisley-Otell’s genealogy from the line of Zeno Jackson Sanders, (See page 7 in the Paisley Otell genealogy)  Jordan Sanders and Elizabeth Mognette Sanders had three sons, Zeno Jackson, William Jesse Sanders,and John Davis Sanders. This website researches William Jesse Sanders who follows in this line of genealogy. 


The descendants of the family line leading to William Jesse Sanders are Michael Saunders, Joseph Sanders, Jordan Sanders and William Jesse Sanders. 

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Generation 1



Michael Saunders was born abt. 1720 in Isle of Wight, Virginia;died bef. 1778 in Isle of Wight, Virginia.  He married unknown bef. 1745.


Child of Michael Saunders and Unknown is:


        William Sanders b 1745, Isle of Wight, Virginia d. June 1805,  Wayne 

        County, North Carolina.

Generation 2


William (Michael Saunders) was born 1745 in Isle of Wight, Virginia and died June 1805 in Wayne Co., North Carolina.  He married (1)  Mary Hannah Mitchell abt 1776.  He married (2) Elizabeth Jordan June 21, 1778 in Northampton Co., North Carolina, daughter of Joseph Jordan and Patience Rix.


Child of William Sanders and Mary Mitchell :


i.                    Michael Sanders, b abt 1777, possible Wayne Co. North Carolina.


            Children of William Sanders and Elizabeth Jordan are:


ii.                  John Sanders, March 18, 1779, Rich Square, Northampton Co. North Carolina. D. Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky.

iii.                Joseph Sanders, December 14, 1781, Rich Square, Northampton North Carolina; d. January 05, 1870, Sanders Colony, Henry Co., Indiana.

iv.               Richard Sanders, December 09, 1782, Rich Square, Northampton Co. North Carolina.  d. March 10, 1848.  Henry County Indiana.

v.                 William Sanders, Jr., b. February 17, 1785, Wayne Co., North Carolina; d. Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentrucky.

vi.               Pharaby Sanders, b September 01, 1790, Wayne Co. North

vii.             Carolina.  d.  November 11, 1888, Spiceland, Henry Co. Indiana.

viii.           Elizabeth Sanders, b. abt 1802, Wayne Co., North Carolina; d. Henry Co., Indiana

ix.               Elisha Sanders, b. abt 1805, Wayne Co., North Carolina; d. poss. Indianapolis, Indiana.


Generation  3


Joseph Sanders (William, Michael) was born December 14, 1781 in Rich Square, Northampton Co. , North Carolina and died January 05, 1879 in Sanders Colony, Henry Co., Indiana.  He married Sarah Jordan abt 1807 in Suttons Creek, North Carolia.

          Children of Joseph Sanders & Sarah Jordan are:


i.                    Mary Sanders, b. July 24, 1809, Wayne Co., North Carolina; d. January 03, 1836.  Sanders Colony, Henry Co., Indiana; m. Elkona Pearson, unknown, Henry Co., Indiana.

ii.                  Jordan Sanders, b. May 21, 1811, Wayne Co., North Carolina; d. Septmber 22, 1849, Illinois

iii.                Tobias Sanders, b. May 16, 1813, Wayne Co., North Carolina; d. October 16, 1892, Marion, Indiana.

iv.               William Sanders, b. December 19, 1815, Wayne Co., North Carolina; d. February 20, 1898, Sanders Colony, Henry Co., Indiana.

v.                 Needham Sanders, b. August 27, 1818, Wayne Co., North Carolina; d. October 16, 1909, Sanders Colony, Henry Co., Indiana.

vi.               Wright Sanders, b. August 18, 1820, Wayne Co., North Carolina. d. February 24, 1875, Indianapolis, Indiana.

vii.             Arthur Sanders, b. May 07, 1823, Wayne Co., North Carolina.  d. August 04, 1885, Kokomo, Indiana.

viii.           Calvin Sanders, b. August 14, 1825, Wayne Co., North Carolina.  d. April 18, 1827 on Trail in Cinch Mountains, Tennessee.

ix.               Exum Sanders, b. October 12, 1829, Sanders Colony, Henry Co., Indiana; d. December 08, 1876 Indiana.


Richard Sanders (William, Michael Saunders) was born December 09, 1782 in Rich Square, Northampton Co., North Carolina and died March 10, 1848 in Henry Co., Indiana.  He married Miriam Copeland bef. 1842 in Wayne Co., North Carolina, daughter of Copeland.


          Child of Richard Sanders and Miriam Copeland is:`

                             Moranda Sanders, b. bef. 1844.


Pharaby Sanders (William, Michael Saunders) was born September 01, 1790 in Wayne Co., North Carolina and died November 11, 1888 in Spiceland, Henry Co. Indiana.  She married Joseph Copeland.


          Children of Pharaby and Joseph Copeland are:

i.                    Elmer Copeland

ii.                  Richard M. Copeland, b. abt 1820, North Carolina, d. Brookville, Indiana.

iii.                John Copeland, b. August 20, 1822; d. 1924, Indiana.  M. Eva B. ??? 1860.

iv.               Jennie Copeland, b. unknown.



Matthew Sanders (William, Michael Saunders) was born January 17, 1800 in Wayne Co., North Carolina and died April 28, 1867 in Henry Co. Indiana.  He married (1) Elizabeth??? Abt. 1836.  He married (2) Miriam Copeland February 21, 1852 in Indiana, daughter of Copeland.


          Children of Matthew Sanders and Elizabeth?? Are:


i.                    Ellen Sanders, b. bef. 1844.

ii.                  Nancy Sanders, b. bef. 1844. m ???Pierce.

iii.                Sarah Sanders, b. bef 1844.

iv.               John Sanders, b. 1844, Grant Co., Indiana; d. Vicennes, Indiana.


Elisha Sanders (William, Michael ) was born abt. 1805 in Wayne Co., North Carolina and died poss. Indianapolis, Indiana.  He married (1) unknown.  He married (2) Sarah Woods.


          Children of Elisha Sanders and Uknown are:


i.                    John Sanders, b. abt. 1830

ii.                  Sarah Sanders, b. abt. 1832

iii.                Mary Sanders, b. abt. 1834




Generation 4


Jordan Sanders, (Joseph, William, Michael Saunders) was born May 21, 1811 in Wayne Co., North Carolina and died September 22, 1849 in Illinois.  He married Elizabeth Magnett, November 01, 1832 in Henry Co., Indiana, daughter of Magnett.

          Children of Jordan Sanders and Elizabeth Magnett are:


i.                    Zeno Jackson Sanders, b. 1835 near Dayton, Ohio; d.  October 12, 1863, Bement, Piatt Co., Illinois.

ii.                  William Jesse Sanders, b. August 16, 1843, Edgar Co., Illinois; m Margaret (Meg) Wimsett, 8-28-1866.

iii.                John Davis Sanders, b.  November 08, 1848, Indianola, Illinois; d. May 27, 1927, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas; m. Rose Brown.

iv.               Mahala J. Heater, b.  1852 Indiana, lived in Broulitts Creek, Edgar, Illinois. d. 2-19-1940.

v.                 Mary A. Heater, b. abt. 1857, lived in Broulitts Creek, Edgar, Illinois.



William Jesse had two half sisters, Mahala J. Heater and Mary A.Heater.  Mahalia was never married and lived with William Jesse and family until 1920 then she was living  with Joseph Sanders family, census shows in 1930.  Mary was two yrs . old when census showed she lived with William Jesse family then she is no longer shown in the Sanders household.  Memories of Aunt Mahalia written  by Leona,  told of her being very quiet,  wearing  dark clothes and  she sat in a rocking chair and smoked a long pipe.  (See photo album)


Generation 5




William Jesse Sanders, b. August 16, 1843, Edgar Co., Illinois; d. June 16, 1928 near Walnut Hill, Illinois.  He married Margaret Wimsett Morgan August 28, 1866, b. June 4, 1848, Edgar Co. Illinois, d. June 3, 1921.  Both are buried in Gilead Cemetery near Centralia, Illinois.


Margaret Wimsett first married Marion Morgan, August 28, 1864 by Thomas Littlefiled at Logan, Illinois.  Marion enlisted two weeks later in Company 7, 11th Indiana Calvary and died in the Civil War.  Family probably came from Georgia or Tennessee.


William Jesse Sanders, a Quaker, served three years as a volunteer as a private of Company C, 66th Illinois Veterans Infantry and participated in important battles in General Sherman’s, March to the Sea.  He married Margaret Morgan  after his return from the war.


Children of William Jesse Sanders and Margaret   Wimsett Morgan Sanders are:

i.                    Cynthia Ann Sanders Satterlee

ii.                  Andrew Jackson Sanders

iii.                Joseph Morris Sanders

iv.               Lilly Sanders Wyatt

v.                 Gladys Estella Sanders

vi.               Charles Clifford  Sanders

vii.             Elsa Jane  Sanders

viii.           Gorman Sanders

ix.               Infant Sanders

x.                 Infant Sanders






i.                    Robert Graham Sanders

ii.                  Ernest Melvin Sanders

iii.                Nellie Blanch Sanders

iv.               Maria Louisa Sanders

v.                 Norma Della Sanders

vi.               Joseph Wesley Sanders

vii.             Lena Vella Sanders

viii.           Jesse Sanders


 Andrew Jackson Sanders, . Edgar Co., Illinois, May 13, 1867 at Scotland, Raven Illinois;  d. February 29, 1952 in Lansing, Michigan.  m.  Elizabeth Jane Smith, b. March 3, 1864 in Flora, Illinois.  d.  November 13, 1942.  Both are buried at Evergreen Cemetery near Lansing.  Their children are:


i..Robert Graham Sanders (half-brother) b. 1-31-1882, Scotland, Illinois;  d. 11-10-1969 at Davenport, Iowa.  M.  Anna Mae Ingram 7-2-1902.  d. 1966. Their children:


1.     Charles Robert Sanders (Bob), b. 1908 El Reno, Oklahoma, d. 3-12-1969, m. Nona Huts 9-21-1940, d. 5-22-1971.  No known  children.

2.      Vern T. Sanders, b. 9-26-1904, Oklahoma, d. 5-26-1984, m. Jennie Kesselring 1939.  One son, Timothy.

3.     Marvin C. Sanders (Tuffy) b. 8-28-1909, New port, Indiana.

d. 12-30-1991  m Flora Stevenson 1929 at Harris, Illinois

                             4.  Dale E. Sanders, b. 9-15-1911, Scotland, Illinois.

                                 d. 1-20-1998 (divorced first wife and left with three children)

                                 m. Lois Taylor in Clinton, Indiana.  She was still living

                                 8-11-2002 at Davenport, Iowa.

                             5.  Waneta Sanders, probably b Dana, Indiana.

 6.  Marion Sanders, (Manny) No Info available.

 7.  Russell Sanders b 1913 d 1918

 8.   Ernest Sanders b 1917 and d 1918.  Russell, carrring his brother Ernest stumbles and both fell into a tub of hot water, fatally burned.  They are buried in Spangler Cemetery near Clinton, Indiana.





ii.  Ernest Melvin Sanders, b. 9-22-1893, Raven, Illinois, d. 2-19-1969 at Levering Hospital in Hannibal, Missouri.  He is buried in Marble Creek Cemetery, Hwy 79 near Ilasco, Missouri in Ralls County.  m. Blanche Mae Lester Smith 6-6-1913 by Bruce Peterson at Ilasco, Missouri.  She was born 5-30-1894 in Griggsville, Illinois.  Her parents were Mary Louella Pickett Lester and William A. Smith.  She died 7-12-1960 at Levering Hospital, Hannibal, Missouri.  Funeral services were held at the Church of the Nazarene in Ilasco, Missouri.  The service was officiated by her friend, Charles Rache.  She was buried in Marble Creek Cemetery, Hwy 79, Ralls County. Missouri.




Melvin Richard Sanders, b. 8-17-1913 in Ilasco, Missouri. d. 5-6-1998.  m. Margaret Starrett 8-20-1938 in Napoleon, Ohio.  b. 11-19-1915 in Hannibal, Missouri.  d. 1-15-1997.  Both are buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Old Hwy 79, Hannibal, Missouri. Melvin  was  in C.C.C. camp in Almaden, California. He was awarded two citations and a gold watch for heroism by the Army  Brigadier General. (See Photo Album) Children of Melvin and Margaret are:

i.                    Judith Ann Sanders Cernea, 6-4-1939 m. John Eugene Cernea in Hannibal at Southside Christian, Rev. Elba Martin  officiating.  John , son of Martha and John Cernea, New London, MO, Ralls Co. John b. 5-31-1938.  Their children are:


1.     John Michael Cernea b. 12-7-1958 m. Michele Chaney

                                                                          i.      Shasta Cernea

                                                                        ii.      Sasha Cernea

2.     Susan Elaine Cernea b. 8-17-1960 m (1) Nick Strieker

                                                                          i.      Nicole Strieker, m. Eric Waldschlager, Scott City, Mo.

                                                                        ii.      Nate Strieker

(2) Susan married Steve Clark 2004 . They reside New London, Mo.

3.     Kristy Kay Cernea b. 11-22-1962 m. Paul Miller

                                                                          i.      Solomon Miller

                                                                        ii.      Micah Miller

4.     Jamie Justin Cernea b 8-7-1975 m. Ivonne Matus b 11-19-1977

                                                                          i.      Christopher James Cernea b 10-4-2003


ii.                  Gerald Wayne Sanders, b. 6-16-1941, m. Ann Theriot in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  Daughter of Iris Marie Hotard and Lee Roy Theriot.  Their children are:


1.     Jennifer Sanders, m. Everett Russell

                                                                          i.      Madison Rae Ann Russell


2.     Scott Sanders, m.  Linda Denise Lunceford

                                                                          i.      Scott Gerald Sanders, Jr.

                                                                        ii.      Cameron Ronald Sanders

                                                                      iii.      Lindsie Alexis  Sanders

                                                                     iv.      Jaden Cole Sanders


iii.                Mark Richard Sanders, b. 12-17-1956, m. Sarah Shields. Their children are:

                                                                          i.      Avery Margaret Sanders

                                                                        ii.      Alexander Christian Sanders

iv.               Brent Allen Sanders, b.  6-17-1954, m. Jewel Wood, b 10-16-1958. Their children are:


                                                                          i.      Matthew Sanders

                                                                        ii.      Sarah Sanders

Lionel Luther Sanders,  b. 9-26-1914, Ilasco, Missouri, d 12-23-1961 at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.,  m.  Anna Hustava., b 1-12-1916 in Ilasco, Missouri, d. 5-24-2001.  Funeral service was held at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Ilasco, Missouri, Hwy 79.  She was daughter of Anna and Joseph Hustava.  Both are buried at Holy Family Cemetery, Hannibal, MO. He was named for his maternal great uncle Luther Lester.   Their children are:

i.Lionel Richard Sanders, b. 9-9-1936, m. Carole Sims, b. 5-8-1940 , daughter of Ferren and Helen Sims.  Their children are: 

1.     Karen Sanders

2.     Kim Sanders

3.     Richard Sanders

ii.Beverly Ann Sanders, b. 8-9-1938, m. William Mundle.  Their children are:

1.     Blake Mundle

2.     Blaine Mundle

iii.Lawrence (Larry) Joseph Sanders, m. Jeanie Williamson 4-16-1966.  Jeanie b. 12-20-1945.  Their children :

1.     Lisa Sanders Crabtree

2.     Victoria Sanders Lomax

3.     Deya Sanders Schanbacher

4.     Todd Sanders


iv.Bradley Sanders, b. 3-25-1954, m. Janice Bradley b. 10-5-1955.   married 8-11-1973. She is daughter of Art and Dee Bradley.  Their children :

5.     Justin Sanders

6.     Nicole Sanders


Glenice Russell Sanders, b. 7-7-1917, Ilasco, Missouri, d. 7-16-1988 at Lansing, Michigan., m. Betty Troyer 9-21-1940,  Lansing, Michigan. She was born 6-12-1922.  Glen is buried in Deep Dale Cemetery, Lansing, Michigan.  Their children:

i.                    Sandra Sanders Alldiver, b. 6-18-1941, m. Larry Turk.  M. Duane Alldiver.  Their children:

          1.  Isaac Turk

          2.  David W. Turk

ii.  James Laird Sanders, b. 2-18-1943, m. Linda Nash, 8-1964, m. Barbara McDougall 7-12-1980.  They have a daughter:

1.     Dena Lillian Sanders


Gerald Fenimore Sanders, b. 3-1-1916 in Ilasco, Missouri, d. 12-03-1981 in Fieldale, Virginia.  m.  Ruth Wanda Lyons 1938 or 1939 in Martinsville, Virginia.  She was born 1919, d. 2-1971.  Daughter of John C. & Metta Tipton Lyons of Fieldale, Virginia.  Their son:

i.                    Gary Chapman Sanders, b. 3-6-1940, m. Shirley Joyce of

                                      Pleasant Grove, Virginia, b. 3-6-1940.  Their children:                                                       1.  Kim Sanders, Columbia, MD

                                                2.  Michelle Sanders, Virginia

                                                3.  Kevin Sanders, Oregon

                                                4.  Paul Sanders, Raleigh, N.C.



Raymond Harold Sanders, b. 2-14-1920, Ilasco, Missouri during the flu epidemic.  His mother survived the influenza.  m. Mary Hayes in 1946.  She died of Leukemia 1-25-1951.  Their children:

i.                    Darrell Sanders, b 4-24-1947, m. Jennie Brink.  Their children:

1.Clint Sanders

2. Jared Sanders

3. Amanda Sanders


ii.                  Linda Sanders, b. 1-25-1949, m. Bobby Tobin.  Bobby was killed in a police accident.  Their son:

                                                1.  Roger Tobin

m. Bud Stewart.  Their son is:

          2.  Michael Stewart.  Bud Stewart d in 1995.  Linda m. Robert Hudson 8-19-1996.



Raymond married Edna Rosenberg McDowell, b 2-22-1930.  They have one daughter:

i.                    Michele Sanders b. 2-29-1968, m. Phillip Harold.  Their children are:

1.     Victoria Harold

2.     Kylee Harold

                                       Michele m. Ernie Cook.

                                                          3. Lacy


Juanita Louise Sanders, b. 3-4-1921, Ilasco, Missouri, d. 11-20-1990., m. Carl Ellis, b 8-1-1920, d 9-1984.  Both are buried in Grandview Cemetery, Hwy 61, Hannibal, Mo.  Their children:


Darrell Wayne Ellis, b. 10-16-1942 and died shortly after birth.  Buried in Marble Creek Cemetery.


Karla Kay Ellis, b. 8-12-1945, d 5-19-1981.  m. Terry Hess.  Karla’s organs were donated to medical implants. She is buried in Grandview Cemetery, Hwy 61, Their children:

1.     Jeffrey Paul Hess

2.     Jenny Hess

                             Carol Louise Ellis, b. 10-11-1946, m. 8-20-1965 to Richard

                             Redman.  Their children:

                                                            1.  Melissa Redman

                                                            2.  Craig Redman


June Sanders, b. 11-5-1922, Ilasco, Missouri, d 11-5-1982.  Her twin, Julia, b 11-4-1922 d 3-6-1923.  She lived only four months. Julia is buried in Marble Creek Cemetery, hwy 79, south of Hannibal.  June is buried at Grandview Cemetery, Hwy 61, Hannibal, Missouri.  She married Thomas Sheffield 11-8-1945.  He was b 11-8-1918, d. 11-1-1970.  Their children:

                             Delores Sheffield, b 6-16-1946, m. James Lee, Their children:

1.     Shawn Lee

2.     Kelly Lee m. Steve LaForce

                             Thomas Sheffield, Jr., b 10-10-1947, m. Mary Thomas.  Their

                             Children are:

1.     Lisa Sheffield

2.     Jason Sheffield


                             Daniel Lynn Sheffield, b 11-15-1949, m. Vera Blue.  Their

                             Children are:

1.     Danielle Sheffield

2.     Jacob Sheffield


                             Darlene Sue Sheffield, b 1-5-1951, m. Phil Conner.  Their          

                             Children are:

1.     Melanie Conner

2.     Belinda Conner

3.     Natalie Conner


Julie Sheffield, b 12-8-1957, m. Roger Walley.  Their daughter is:

1.     Jennifer m. Clint Sanders


Valerie Sheffield, b 2-14-1963, m. Bill Brooks.  Their children are:

1.     Billy Brooks, Jr.

2.     Jessica Brooks


June also had two children that were raised by her parents:

                               Ernest Ray Sanders, b 1-4-1942, m. Anita Jean Gould 1959. 

                             Children are:

1.     Ferren Sanders

2.     Lori Ann Sanders

3.     Donna Jean Sanders

4.     Scott Lee Sanders

                             Ernest Ray, m. Diana Lee White 2-3-1967.  Their children


1.     Kurtis Dale Sanders

Evan Sanders

Megan Sanders

2.     Trisha Lee Sanders Lehenbauer

                                                          Lauren Lehenbauer

Harold Sanders, b 10-11-1943, m. Unknown.  Served in the  U.S. Marine Corp. One unknown son in California.  


Elmo Sanders, b. 10-4-1924.  He was the first child born at the Ralls County Farm., m. Delores LaFever 7-9-1949 at Catholic Chapel on Church  St. in Hannibal, Missouri.  Their children are:


                             Deborah Sanders, b. 9-29-1950, m. Mike Wilson, m. Gary

                             Fountain 12-30-1982.  Their child is

1.     Ryan Fountain


                             Rebecca Sanders, b 4-1954, m. James Maple.  Their child is:

1.     Jeffrey Maples


Gordan Ray Sanders, b. 9-1-1926 at the family farm in Ralls County, Mo.  He weighed five pounds at birth and a man’s handkerchief was used as a diaper. He married Herwiga Elizabeth Schosulan 8-25-1958 at Furth, Bavaria and later at St. Emmeran’s Church in Regensburg, Germany.  She was born 8-1-1938 in St. Martin, Slovakia.  Daughter of Ferdinand Schosulan and Marianne Ertel, residing as teacher in Kuneschova, Slovakia.  Their children are:


                             Gordon Rhett Sanders, b 9-12-1959 at Landstuhl, Germany. d.

                             9-17-1961 in Munich, Germany from a fall from an apartment    



                             Christopher Scott Sanders, b. 11-24-1960, Munich, Germany.

                             Resides in Germany.


                             Stephen Andrew Sanders, b. 5-14-1965, Munich, Germany.  m.                               Ursula Mazza of Munich, Germany at Lake Tahoe, California.

                             Divorced in 2002. Resides Palmyra, Missouri.


                             John Gerald Sanders, b. 9-24-1967, Munich, Germany.Resides

                             Palmyra, Missouri.  He and Michele Dent have three children:                       


1.     Alura Johnson

2.     Emily Kristine Sanders

3.     Grace Isabel Sanders

                             Mona Sanders b. 4-2-1962 in Munich, Germany. Resides in

                             Washington, D.C.


Gordon and Herwiga lived in Germany for thirty-three years.  He taught in the American Army Dependent Schools.


Virginia Mae Jane Sanders (Named for her mother and grandmother, Elizabeth Jane) b. 6-23-1928 at the sixty acre farm in Ralls County, Missouri, m. Maurice Elwood Andrews on 1-1-1947 at Hannibal, Missouri.  He was born 7-11-1917 in Columbia, Missouri.  d.  10-13-1965.  Buried at Marble Creek Cemetery.  South of Hannibal on hwy 79.  Their children are:


                             Cheryl Louise Andrews, b 12-22-1947 in Hannibal, Missouri. m. Sammy Genovese 6-19-1972.  Their children are:


1.     Bryan Eugene Genovese, Bolivar, Mo.

2.     Tara Genovese


                             Gregory Alan Andrews, b 8-5-1950 in Hannibal, Missouri.  m. Pamela Lockard.  Their children are:


1.     Travis Andrews

2.     Shane Andrews


                             Gregory m. Betty Cliffman.   m.  Vikki Bynum.  Greg and Vikki are Assoc. Professors at Southwest Texas State University. They are authors and historians. Greg has written two books on the history of Ilasco, Missouri.  They now live in San Marcos, Texas.



````                        Kevin Elwood Andrews.  B 12-20-1954 in Hannibal, Missouri.  m. Marsha Orth.  m.  Julie Gillette.  Kevin and Julie have one son:


1.     Jared Gregory Andrews, Ft.Wayne, Indiana


                             m. Kathy Dempsey 


Virginia m. Allan Sudholt, son of George Frederick Sudholt and Anna Julia Werhake, 10-24-1987.  Allan, b. 4-10-1916 in Union, Missouri.  d 10-16-2001.  He left behind six children from his first marriage and an illustrious record as a Captain the bloody Italian Campaign in World War II.  He was buried in Zion Cemetery, Union, Missouri.



Norma Caroline Sanders, b.  10-12-1934 in a severe drought year at the family farm in Ralls County.  m.  Robert Fletcher 6-28-1952 by Craig Dillman at Ilasco, Missouri.  b 8-12-1933.  Robert is the son of Otis Fletcher and Josephine Moyers.  Their children are:


1.     Pamela Fletcher

2.     Randy Fletcher

3.     Dennis Fletcher


Marvin Darrell Sanders.  b. 1-8-1937.  During a thick ice storm which devastated trees and allowed people to ice skate almost everywhere.  A large mulberry tree fell and grazed the side of the house where Marvin and his mother were lying in the family house in Ralls County, Missouri.  Marvin d. 5-17-2001.  m.  Lois Muehring, daughter of John and Mildred Ravenscraft Muehring.  Their children are:


1.     Timothy Sanders, New London, Mo.

2.     Terry Sanders, Center, Mo.

3.      Tonia Sanders, Hannibal, Mo.


Marvin m. Mary Jane Astorino Waters 3-16-1963.  b. 6-22-1930.  Their children are:


1.     Tina Mae Sanders b. 8-19-1963 m Thomas Pickett, one son, Tyler Pickett

m. Larry Brooke.  The have no children but love horses.  Tina and Larry live on Peaceful Valley Farm (family farm) on Hwy 79, south of Hannibal, Mo.


2.     Tammy Lynn Sanders, teacher at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


JAMES WESLEY SANDERS. b. 7-17-1930 at homestead  in Ralls Co. Missouri.  m. Gloria Kirgan 6-18-1951.  She was b 2-10-1922 in Hannibal, Missouri.  Their children are:


1.     Sherry Ray Sanders m. Tray m Rapert one child, Jamie.

2.     Kristy Kay Sanders m Tom Yaffee

3.     James Wesley Sanders II m Lynell Fritche Grain Valley, Missouri.  Two children Alexander and Whitney.

4.     David Sanders m Sarah Wallace.  One daughter Brooke.





 Patrick Sanders.  b. 1932. d 1932.  Stillborn.  Buried in Marble Creek Cemetery.  Ralls County, Missouri






Named for her maternal grandmother, Cynthia Lisle Powers Wimsett.  b. April 7, 1877 in Edgar County, Illinois. m. Floyd Elmer Satterlee, Sr. 4-7-1897. His parents were possibly William Satterlee 1872-1945 and Cora Satterlee 1876-1972.   She came to Missouri in a covered wagon.  d. January 8, 1958 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri.  They ran a store at Red Raven, Scotland, Illinois where Ernest Melvin Sanders was born.  He fondly called Cynthia, his Aunt Cyd.  They lived at Chillicothe, Missouri.  Buried at Utica Cemetery in Utica, Missouri.  Rev Medford Speaker officiated the funeral services.  The children of Cynthia and Floyd Satterlee are:

                             i.   Theodore  Satterlee

                             ii.  Earl G. Satterlee

                             iii. Carl W. Satterlee

                             iv. Floyd Satterlee, Jr. He had one child:                                                                                 1..Jane Gibbey (adopted)                                                                              v. Howard K. Satterlee.  m.  Velma.  Their children are:


1.     Karen Corann Satterlee

2.     Kenneth Satterlee

                             vi. Darlene Satterlee Wilson








Elsa Jane  Sanders was born 7-13-1891 in Edgar County, Illinois.  d 5-23-1914.  m. Chester Miller.  They had four children.  She died from Tuberculosis when these children were young. 


                                      Oma Dee McCary.  b.  1906.  Raised by her grandparents, William Jesse and Margaret (Meg) Wimsett Sanders.


                                      Sholen L. Miller.  b. 11-20-1909.  d 1-19-1952.


                                      Mildred Miller.    b 8-15-1911        d 11-25-1918. 


                                      Ray E. Miller.      b 813-1943          d  unknown.





Gladys b 8-26-1879.   married William Faust.  m.  Charlie Dobbs.


                                      Their daughter Pauline Faust m. Addington





Lily Blanche was born 8-13-1976 in Edgar County, Illinois.  d. 2-19- 1959.  m. Adelbert Wyatt. B 1872.d 1949.  Their children:


                                      Carl, Gladys, Stanley, Max, Marguerite m. Everett Ingram, Nellie.





Charles Clifford  Sanders  was born 12-24-1888. d 6-21-1966 in Centralia, Illinois.  m Iva Mae Melton. b. 2-26-1892, d. 9-18-1980 in Centralia, Illinois.  Both are buried in Gilead Cemetery near Centralia where his parents, William  Jesse Sanders and Margaret Wimsett Sanders are buried.  Their children are:


 John M. Sanders, b. 4-11-1911 in Walnut Hill, Illinois.  d  9-4-1998.  m Florence Hopkins 1943 at St. Charles, Missouri. d 12-24-1970.  He is buried at Hillcrest Memorial Park in Centralia.


 Leona Sanders m Eili Fritz. m. Martin.  Lives in Centralia. m. Roeckeman.


James Sanders resides in Florida.  Had two sets of twins. 


Gleason Sanders b Centralia(deceased)


Bertie Lou Sanders m. Stull, resides in Centralia.


Timothy Sanders b. 4-7-1945.  Buried behind the church in Gilead Cemetery.


Rosalie Sanders. m McCaskey, resides in Belleville, Illinois.


June Sanders, b. 1914. d 8-15-1939 m. Addington.


Infant Sanders (No date)


Kenneth Eugene Sanders b. 2-27-1921. d 10-7-1972.  Killed in car wreck.







Joseph Morris Sanders was born 6-4-1869.  Edgar County, Illinois.  d 1952.  m. Rosa Belle Smith.  b. 1878, Chrisman, Indiana. D 1946.  Joseph divorced Rosa Belle and married again but they are buried together at Friend’s Prairie Chapel.  Andrew Jackson Sanders and Joseph Morris Sanders, brothers, married Elizabeth Jane Smith and Rosa Belle Smith, sisters, so Dora Sanders Beatty and Ernest Melvin Sanders were double cousins.  Joseph and Rosa Belle had these children:


                                                1.Floyd Sanders. d Oklahoma


                                                2.Forrest Sanders d San Jose, California


                                                3.Colonel Marian Sanders d Florida


                                                4.Ollie Savoy Sanders, b Prairie Twp, 5-17-1900. 

                                                Edgar County, Illinois.  Buried at Friend’s

                                                Cemetery.  Scotland, Illinois 12-25-1976.

                                                          5.  Paul Sanders b Clinton, Indiana 8-101907

                                                D 9-30-1957.  Friends Cemetery, Scotland



                                                5. Dora Sanders Beatty.  b. Dana, Indiana.  Buried                                                  at Friend’s Cemetery.  Her children are:

                                                                   i. Carl

                                                                   ii. David                         

                                                                   ii.  Rose

                                                                   iii. Alice

                                                                   iv. Porter

                                                                   v.  Robert                      

                                                6.Edith Sanders.  b Indianapolis, Indiana.







Jesse was born 1891. d abt. 1906 of appendicitis.  Buried at Friends Cemetery, Scotland, Illinois.  No stone.



b. 9-18-1885 at Clinton, Indiana.  d. 7-21-1973 at Bonita Springs, Florida.  She met George Stengel at Dana, Indiana and married in Clinton, Indiana.  He died Lansing, Michigan.  They had two children:


1.     Marguerite Stengel, b 1906 Freeland Park, Indiana. d at Ilasco, Missouri of diphtheria.  d 8-17-1917.   Buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, South of Hannibal, Missouri on Old Hwy 79. 

2.      George (Bud) Stengel, b.  abt 1908 m. Heneritta pos. Lansing, Michigan.  Had diphtheria but survived.  Indiana  moved to Bonita Springs, Florida.



MARIA LOUISA SANDERS  b.  3-28-1908, Calumet, Oklahoma.  d 1939 in Chicago.  She married Rasmussen. Infant buried at Spangler Cemetery near Rockville, Indiana.  She was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Lansing, Michigan.


NORMA DELLA SANDERS b 1-30-1905, NewPort, Indiana c 1-25-1980.  She married Lee Hadley, b 12-20-1909. d 2-24-1999 Dimondale, Michigan where both are buried in Dimondale Cemetery .  She had a infant buried at Spangler Cemetery, Rockville, Indiana.  She once worked at depot restaurant and hotel at Dana, Indiana.


JOSPEH WESLEY SANDERS,  b. 2-14-1899.  Raven, Illinois.  d 7-1-1973 at Alhambra, California.  He married Florence Crum. b. Flora, Illinois.  Later he married Emma at Alhambra, California.  Florence and Joe had one child.

                   John Wesley Sanders, b 1913.  died as a boy from pneumonia after diphtheria 10-10-1917.  He died in Ilasco, Missouri and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, South of Hannibal on Old Hwy 79 where his cousin Marguerite Stengel is buried, also succumbed from diphtheria.


LENA VELLA SANDERS, b. 1-11-1901.  Scotland, Illinois.  d Lansing, Michigan 12-12-1996.  She married a Greek restaurant owner.  She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Lansing, Michigan. He went back to Greece and is buried there.